DGUV Yearbook 2015/2016 Without Borders and Barriers

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  • 2016.06
  • DGUV
  • 19,3 x 26 cm
  • Englisch
  • p012454

The Yearbook 2015/2016 focusses on the topics “Good, Safe Work in Germany, Europe and Worldwide”, “Rehabilitation and Participation” and “Future of Work”. Under the title of “Without Borders and Barriers”, the diverse work done by the DGUV is illustrated with current examples from research and science, prevention, rehabilitation, policy and many other areas of work. The DGUV’s political engagement goes far beyond Germany’s borders and raises awareness for topics such as social security and occupational safety. Work 4.0 is dealing, among other things, with the blurring of boundaries between work and private life as well as challenges for prevention. The focus of the topics rehabilitation and disabled sports lies on the removal of barriers – and on how the German Social Accident Insurance puts the idea of inclusion into practice.

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