Prevention Yearbook 2017 "We are kommmitmenschen"

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  • 2017.09
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This foreword is inevitably too brief to describe these indicators and evaluations in their full breadth and depth. A brief glance at them, though, is insightful. In 2016, we recorded 424 fatal occupational accidents and 311 fatal commuting accidents. These annual figures are the lowest ever recorded. The risk of suffering an occupational accident at all presents a similar pattern: at 21.9 reportable occupational accidents per 1,000 equivalent full workers, this value has also reached a historic low.

In 2010, the corresponding figures were 519 fatal occupational accidents, 367 fatal commuting accidents, and a risk of 25.8. A decade earlier, in 2000, 918 and 794 fatal occupational and commuting accidents respectively had been recorded, and an accident risk of 38.6. Although still relatively recent, these figures now appear astonishingly high. The trend demonstrates clearly the success of our Vision Zero strategy - the vision of a world without severe or fatal occupational accidents and diseases.

Publication of this Yearbook marks the launch of our prevention campaign under the heading “kommmitmensch - Safe. Healthy. Together.” We expect the campaign to result in a major leap forward: the establishment of a culture of prevention by which safety and health become values for each and every individual and organization and for society as a whole, and are consequently embodied in every action.

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