Occupational Disease No. 1317

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  • 2010.07
  • DGUV
  • 216
  • DIN A5
  • Englisch
  • p010335

Polyneuropathy or encephalopathy caused by organic solvents, in isolation or in mixtures (Occupational Disease Report 2/2007e)

  • General and work-related information
  • Recommendations for medical asssessment

The second edition of the Occupational Diseases Report 1317 enables quality-assured processing in cases with a suspicion of workinduced damage to the nervous system by organic solvents on the basis of technical and medical expert knowledge.

In the first part, there is technical information with specific information on solvents and mixtures whose neuro-toxicity has been proved according to the current level of knowledge. The Report contains overviews on the incidence of the substances in various industries as well as substance dossiers with chemical and physical data, limit values and absorption paths. In individual cases, this information should support the necessary investigations on the nature and extent of possible damaging effects and allow an overall technical evaluation for work.

The second focus of the Report is on the recommendations for assessment drawn up by experts from various disciplines with extensive experience in observation, treating and assessing the relevant diseases. In the Annex there is additional information in the form of evaluating summaries of literature data on the neuro-toxic effect threshold of individual substances and mixtures.

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