Statutory Accident Insurance Cover During Foreign Assignments

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  • 2023.08
  • DGUV
  • 35
  • DIN A4
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The preparation for and conducting of foreign assignments by German companies gives rise to a number of different problems and issues for the companies and employees involved.
With regard to the issue of statutory accident insurance, the aspects that must be considered before, during and after the assignment in order to ensure occupational medical and safety supervision are of particular relevance to the companies. Malaria requires particular attention, owing to its importance among the diseases that may be contracted abroad. It is also important for companies to be aware which of the social security systems applies to the employees whilst they are working abroad, and from where, in what way and on what scale the employees may receive medical attention in the event of an accident at work or disease.
The present code of practice, "Statutory accident insurance cover during foreign assignments", therefore primarily serves to provide companies with guidance and answers to the questions arising in association with a foreign assignment. At the same time, it serves as a source of information on the insurance legislation and on particular aspects of benefit provision for the employees themselves during their foreign assignment.
The statutory accident insurance institutions and the Deutsche Verbindungsstelle Unfallversicherung – Ausland (liaison body for the German sector accident insurance) at the Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e. V., including the branch offices of the liaison body, will be happy to answer any further questions relating to foreign assignments which are not adequately dealt with by this code of practice.

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