DGUV Statistics 2018 - Figures and long-term trends

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  • 2019.12
  • DGUV
  • 96
  • DIN A5
  • Englisch
  • p017674

Since 1969, the former central federation of the BGs, the HVBG, has published annually a booklet under the title “Arbeitsunfallstatistik für die Praxis” containing figures and long-term trends from the BG. The scope of data compiled has been extended several times over this period. Considering this development, the German title of the brochure has been changed to “BG-Statistiken für die Praxis” in 1992. Since 1993, an English translation of the brochure has been published every year, responding to the growing interest shown in these figures abroad. Following the merger into DGUV in 2007, the statistical information of the industrial (BGs) and public (UVTöH) sector were brought together.

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